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Doug started his acting career in NYC in 1998, training in improv under Amy Poehler and the Upright Citizens Brigade in NY at their first theater. He went on to be featured on the ‘Upright Citizens Brigade’ show and then to work with Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris on the show ‘Strangers With Candy’ (both for Comedy Central) as some of his first mainstream acting gigs. After a number of small roles including the HBO show ‘Oz’ and the Mark Wahlberg/Charlize Theron feature ‘The Yards’, Sakmann got involved in the independent film scene with legendary B-movie house Troma Entertainment. Doug was featured in ‘Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4″ and then began working as a producer for studio head & director Lloyd Kaufman on several features and TV shows (in which he also appeared) alongside luminaries like James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Trey Parker (South Park, The Book of Mormon).

While acting was always a passion for Doug, while working for Troma he realized that he could do a lot more behind the camera and started his own production company in 2002. Since then, Sakmann has become an accomplished director/producer and award winning SPFX artist. Due to his horror and FX work, Sakmann gained a reputation and following in the indie horror scene and is often asked to perform cameos & supporting roles in the projects of his fans as they grow into filmmakers themselves.

Doug’s SPFX/VFX Reel and Resume

Doug’s Director/Producer resume

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