Doug worked as a production coordinator and assisted with story producing and development for this project with Hot Snakes Media for a show that takes a deeper look into the Amish Community! This groundbreaking series began airing in December 2013 and ran for 4 seasons as well as created many spin off projects including the ‘Breaking Amish’ series on which Doug also worked as coordinator.

From Discovery Channel:
Ever wonder who the reclusive Amish community of Lancaster County, PA, turns to for protection and justice?

As untrusting of outside law enforcement as they are reluctant to adopt modern technology, the Amish are seldom as quick to contact their local police department for emergencies as most communities. That’s where the Amish Mafia comes in. Amish Mafia, a new Discovery Channel series, will provide the first-ever look at the small and tightly-knit group of men who protect and maintain peace and order within the Amish community in Lancaster, PA.

For more details about Amish Mafia, check out this exclusive article at the New York Post.