Doug is a partner and founding member of Backseat Conceptions, a production collective which handles crew staffing and creative services for film, digital media and television. Backseat provides individual services for projects from providing crew members to staffing a whole department or providing specific production services such as managing payroll or tax credit consulting. Whatever you can conceptualize, Backseat can make a reality! Check out the company reel below to get a taste, and see to get more details on how you can work with Backseat!

The company also owns a fleet of production vehicles including the Backseat Bus, the “Swiss Army vehicle of production” with the comfort of an RV and the toughness of a grip truck. The interior is a multi-department workspace with reliable power sources and a clean bathroom. The Backseat Bus saves money by replacing multiple vehicles and provides convenient facilities which enables more shooting time. And it’s great for parties and conventions with the fully equipped karaoke setup! Check it out at