CKY: GREATEST HITS MTV DOCUMENTARY from Caesar Augustus on Vimeo.

Doug worked with MTV and director Joe Frantz to look back at the early days of one of its favored sons with Bam Margera‘s “CKY: The Greatest Hits.” The special recalls the genesis of Margera’s “Camp Kill Yourself” crew and some of the world’s first viral videos. The show was directed by Joe Frantz and produced by Frantz, Caesar Augustus along with Sakmann.

Bam Margera built a franchise of his own at MTV, alongside his inclusion in the blockbuster “Jackass” franchise. And it all started with ridiculous home videos he was making with his family and friends long before the concept of “viral videos” was even a thing. “CKY: The Greatest Hits” features conversations with members past and present, including Margera’s parents, brother Jesse, Chris Raab, Rake Yohn and others. Also appearing are “Jackass’” star Johnny Knoxville and director Jeff Tremaine.

Doug worked with Joe Frantz (cinematographer on many of the original CKY videos and specials) to log, back-up and organize many thousands of hours of footage from the archives of CKY and Jackass.  Sakmann oversaw the logging of the footage while Post -Production Supervisor Nick Esposito came in and set up a post production infrastructure and protocol to back-up and facilitate the editing of the massive project by many editors in off site locations. Additionally, Backseat brought in crew members to staff the project including camera operator Shaun Paul Costello and Sound Recorder Jay Wasley.

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