Doug co-produced this movie and coordinated the FX which featured many hammer hits, gun shots and other gory things! Directed by Adam Ahlbrandt (Lionsgates’ SIGHT and Invincible Pictures’ THE BURNT HOUSE), Crossbearer is a horrific throwback to slasher movies of the 80’s is now available on DVD in North America from ToeTag Pictures and in German speaking territories by Illusions Unltd.

Starring Isaac Williams, Natalie Jean, James Brown, Julia Campbell, Kacie Marie, Kelsey Lehman, Tim Cronin, Victoria DePaul & Joe Frantz

A group of strippers looking to score big with a drug deal soon find themselves hunted by religious maniac hell-bent on purifying the Earth of its sins through murder and destruction. Armed with a carpenter’s hammer, the Cross Bearer hunts the girls in a sadistic crusade to cleanse the world.

“An apt about-face for the (slasher) genre. A showcase of gore effects reminiscent of a darker, more modern Herschell Gordon Lewis. There are no pretty bows to wrap up Cross Bearer (including its lingering and effective ending), but it’s a slasher that takes responsibility for its sins and has a hell of a time doing it.”
– Patrick Dolan – Rue Morgue

Official Selection of LA Horror Film Festival, Chicago Horror Film Festival, Cinema Wasteland, Another Hole in the Head Fest, Prince Music Theater Series (Philadelphia), Sleaze Palace (Pittsburgh), Polygrind Film Festival

“Director Adam Ahlbrandt‘s dark and twisted tale left nothing to the imagination. The scenery and unnerving soundtrack gave life to some graphic bloody death scenes…this is pretty much what I look for when watching horror.”