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Backseat Conceptions and Writer/Director Michael Walker (Lionsgate’s ‘Chasing Sleep’, and IFC Films’ ‘Price Check’) and producer Alfred Sapse are proud to announce principal photography has been completed on the production of ‘ Cut Shoot Kill’ , a new feature length horror film shot in Pennsylvania and New York. Doug Sakmann acted as co-producer as well as Special Effects Supervisor on the movie which included casting and creating over nine FX knives for the film!


About ‘Cut Shoot Kill’:

Serena Brooks (Alexandra Socha of Amazon Studios ‘Red Oaks’), a serious actress who needs some work decides to sign on as the star of a low budget horror film. The film is set to shoot in an isolated group of cabins with a crew of backwoods filmmakers that have worked together for years. Their director Alabama Chapman (Alex Hurt) has garnered notoriety for his chillingly realistic style. On set, Serena grows suspicious when the other actors start to disappear as soon as their work on the film is completed. The executive producer Eddie Shipman (Henry Zebrowski of Adult Swim’s ‘Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell’, ‘Last Podcast on the Left’ & Netflix’s ‘The Characters’) makes it clear to Alabama that he wants Serena back for a sequel, but will Serena survive through the first film?

The ‘Cut Shoot Kill’ cast also includes Kyle Harris (ABC Family’s ‘Stichers’), Catherine Curtian (Netflix’s ‘Orange is the New Black’) and Phil Burke (AMC’s ‘Hell on Wheels’).

“Cut Shoot Kill” is Michael Walker’s fourth film as writer and director. “I’ve made two psychological thrillers, but “Cut Shoot Kill” is a different kind of film. It’s really fun, with some great characters and a lot of action. But it’s not your typical slasher film at all.”

Backseat Conceptions has produced over thirty feature films in their 14 year history, but ‘Cut Shoot Kill’ is a unique project for the company. Sakmann states, “We have partnered on many movies over the years, but the majority in this budget range have had some kind of outside factor preventing us from handling every aspect of the project. Michael and Alfred came to Backseat early on and this enables us to be very thorough and ensure every detail of the movie is perfect. I have no doubt this will be our best project to date!”


The Backseat production team also includes Line Producer Nick Esposito, Assistant Director Phil Rush, Production Manager Evan Meszaros, Production Coordinators Joe Narode and Kate McMeans & Gaffer Tim Cronin. Christina Puff of Puff FX is the 2nd FX Lead and the makeup team includes Ruby Ann Muro as Lead Glamour Makeup and Fallon Maressa as makeup/FX assistant. Natalie Jean as Stunt Coordinator.

About the Director:

Writer/Director Michael Walker previously helmed the psychological thriller ‘Chasing Sleep’ starring Jeff Daniels (Lionsgate), the romantic comedy ‘Price Check’ starring Parker Posey (which premiered at Sundance before being picked up by IFC Films), and most recently the psychological thriller ‘The Maid’s Room’.

About the Producers:

Alfred Sapse has been producing and providing legal services for film for over 22 years. In that time, Alfred has worked with many Hollywood A-listers including Malcolm McDowell, Stephen Baldwin, Rutger Hauer, Pam Grier, Ice T, Luke Perry, Dennis Hopper, Ben Gazzara, Casper Van Dien, Ellen Burstyn, Lorenzo Lamas, Amanda Plummer, Ernie Hudson, Gary Busey and more.