Doug Sakmann is an award-winning producer and director living in Philadelphia, PA. Originally from Queens NY, over the last twenty years Sakmann has produced over fourty feature films as well as many TV projects, music videos, short films & commercials. Doug is also an accomplished SPFX Artist and FX Supervisor, creating monsters and horrific blood & gore FX for all types of projects around the world.

Doug also founded the NYC Zombie Crawl – an organization which sets up zombie themed events in the NY Area as well as provides zombie SFX makeup for movies, TV and nationally touring acts. Sakmann has personally created & coordinated zombie makeup and events for clients including Sony Pictures, AMC, The Walking Dead, Sega, the Tribeca Film Festival, NBC, Bravo Networks, the Travel Channel, Troma Entertainment, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sailor Jerry Rum and much more. The group’s bi-annual events are going into their twelve successful year, with massive zombie crawl events planned for October 2018.

Most recently released, Sakmann produced and coordinated FX for the feature horror film from director Michael Walker ‘’Cut Shoot Kill‘ now available on all VOD and streaming platforms including Amazon Prime. Upcoming SPFX projects for Sakmann include the psychological thriller ‘The Honeymoon Phase’ as well as the creature feature ‘D-Railed’. Sakmann is also directing a new music video for the legendary death metal band Cannibal Corpse which will be released in conjunction with their Fall 2018 Tour.

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2017 Cut Shoot Kill Feature Film Producer / SPFX Supervisor
2017 But Deliver Us From Evil Feature Film Production Coordinator/SPFX
2017 Return to Nuke Em High Vol 2 Feature Film Production Coordinator/SPFX
2017 Malicious Feature Film SPFX / Practical FX Supervisor
2017 Chatter Short Film SPFX Supervisor
2016 Smoke Screen Feature Film SPFX Supervisor
2016 The Dark Military Feature Film Producer / SPFX Supervisor
2016 Punk Rock Holocaust 3 Feature Film Director/Producer
2016 Kabukiman’s Cocktail Corner Talk Show Producer / On-Camera Talent
2015 Saved Me Animal Shelter Commercial Director
2015 Occupy Cannes Feature Documentary Producer / On-Camera Talent
2015 Slow Learners Feature Film Prop Master/Assist. Prod Design
2014 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver TV Show SPFX Supervisor
2014 CKY: The Greatest Hits TV Documentary Co-Producer
2014 World Travel Awards Live Event Production Coordinator
2014 The Wonder Years “Dismanteling Summer” Music Video Production Designer
2014 Parisenne International Campaign Print Advertisement Producer/Casting Director
2014 Get Kinetic Promo Commercial Production Designer
2014 All Over It Web Series Production Coordinator
2014 Fox Sports ‘One on One w/ Michael Strahan’ TV Show Production Designer
2014 Chance Short Film SPFX Supervisor
2014 Where’s The Halo Short Film SPFX Supervisor
2013 Today Is The Day Music Video Music Video Producer/SPFX
2013 Camdrome Live Action Video Game Producer/SPFX
2013 All Access Pabst Viral Campaign Director/Producer
2013 The Cemetery Feature Film Producer/SPFX
2013 Return to Nuke Em High Vol 1 Feature Film Production Coordinator/SPFX
2012 Life After Top Chef Reality Television Production Manager
2012 Amish Mafia Reality Television Production Coordinator
2012 Breaking Amish Reality Television Production Coordinator
2012 Motion City Soundtrack “True Romance” Music Video Producer/Coordinator
2012 Trouble Funk & Kindness “That’s Alright” Music Video Producer/Coordinator
2012 McDonalds ‘Gabby Douglas’ Commercial Production Coordinator
2012 TELE2 Commercials Commercial Production Coordinator
2012 Spodee Wine Commercials Commercial Director/Producer
2012 Philly in Focus “The Street Team” Talk Show Producer/Coordinator
2012 Death Rattle Short Film Producer/SPFX
2012 Nassau Chainsaw “Requip” Music Video Director/Producer
2012 Spacecamp Short Film Director/Producer
2012 Conclusion Short Film Production Manager
2012 Cross Bearer Feature Film Producer/SPFX
2012 1000 Times More Brutal Feature Film Line Producer/Coordinator
2012 Julia Othmer “Whether” Music Video Production Coordinator
2011 Paranormal Challenge Reality Television Assistant Camera/Coordinator
2011 Bizarre Foods Reality Television Coordinator
2011 Nassau Chainsaw “Vomitorium” Music Video Co-Producer
2011 The Tap Dancer Short Film Producer/SPFX
2011 The Prison Feature Film SPFX Supervisor
2011 Deathly Love Feature Film SPFX Supervisor
2010 Wreck Chasers Reality Television Assistant Camera/Coordinator
2010 The Sickness Feature Film SPFX Supervisor
2010 The Reunion Feature Film SPFX Supervisor
2010 Play Dead Viral Campaign Director/Producer
2010 Foreclosed Short Film SPFX Supervisor
2010 Cocktails on Canal St Short Film Production Coordinator
2009 Motion City Soundtrack “Disappear” Music Video Assistant Director/SPFX
2009 Karina Bradley “Dance Floor Diva” Music Video Coordinator/Audio Playback
2009 Children of Bodom “Skeletons in the Closet” International Commercial Producer/Assistant Director
2009 The AKAs “Get it Together” Music Video Director/Producer
2009 69 Eyes “Dead Girls Are Easy” Music Video SPFX/Coordinator/AE Artist
2009 CKY “A#1 Roller Rager” Music Video SPFX/Stunts/Coordinator
2009 Late Fee Feature Film SPFX Supervisor
2009 100 Proof Feature Film SPFX Supervisor
2009 Lamb of God “Set to Fail” Music Video 2nd Assistant Director
2008 Nassau Chainsaw “Behind Enemy Lines” Music Video Director/Producer
2008 Slumber Party Slaughterhouse Feature Film Co-Director / Producer / Writer
2008 Science Cheerleader: Science Advocacy Viral/Web Video Assistant Director
2008 Trojan: 4 Viral Commercials Commercial Special Effects/Makeup
2008 Harry Connick Junior: AOL Christmas Internet video Set Dressing/Coordinator
2008 Love is Lame Commercial SPFX Supervisor
2008 The Burnt House Feature Film Co-Producer/SPFX
2008 Spank Rock “Get Loose” Music Video Assistant Director/Casting
2007 Friends for Dinner Short Film Production Coordinator/SPFX
2007 Punk Rock Holocaust 2 Feature Film Director/Producer/Editor/SPFX
2007 The Old Souls “Father” Music Video 2nd Assistant Director
2007 Wes Mattheu “Beer Yip” Music Video Assistant Director
2007 John Legend “Live at the Tower Theater” Documentary BTS Cinematographer
2007 Rooftop Confessions Documentary Co-Producer/Cinematographer
2007 PhillyCarShare “Drive-In Movies” Film Screening series Producer
2007 “Man on the Street” Industrial Cinematographer
2007 Philly Sound Clash Event coverage Producer/Cinematographer
2007 ICBR, Gyro Worldwide Viral Campaign Producer/Cinematographer
2007 Bikini Bandits go to Coney Island Viral Campaign Producer/Cinematographer
2006 Sight Feature Film Associate Producer/SPFX
2006 Kingdom Come Short Film SPFX Supervisor
2006 Bikini Bandits Pirate Movie Animated/Live Action 2nd Assistant Director/SPFX
2006 Eagles Of Death Metal “Got Meat” Music Video Associate Producer/Casting
2006 Eagles Of Death Metal “Cherry Cola” Music Video Associate Producer/Casting
2006 Le Bon Vie Series Pilot Production Coordinator
2006 Windcroft Feature Film SPFX Supervisor
2006 Bikini Bandits Superbowl Special Super Bowl Special Co-Producer/Talent Coordinator
2006 Shira Girl “Kill It” Music Video Director/Producer/Editor
2005 Bikini Bandits: New Years Special – NBC TV Bumpers Co-Director/Producer/Writer
2004 Punk Rock Holocaust Feature Film Director/Producer/Editor/SPFX
2003 Tromaville On Tour Documentary Feature Co-Producer/Stage Manager
2003 Tales From The Crapper Feature Film Associate Producer/Co-Director
2003 New Found Glory “Head On Collision” Music Video Prod. Consultant/SPFX
2002 All The Love You Cannes Feature Documentary Associate Producer
2002 Capt. Bill and the Rockin’ Buccaneers Short Film SPFX Supervisor
2001 Troma’s Edge TV, Channel 4 UK Television Series Co-Director/Producer/Writer
2001 Anal Paprika 3 Feature Film Producer/Cinematographer
2001 Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker Feature Film Producer/Cinematographer
2000 Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4 Feature Film Associate Producer