Doug worked as SPFX supervisor on this action-thriller from Director Carlos Gutierrez, handling all of the guns, gunfire & SPFX squibs and creating custom actor safe knives for Jeff Fahey’s character to use. Sakmann also worked with the MUA team of Josephine Love and Ruby Muro to keep continuity on all the blood and battle damage throughout the shoot.

About Locked In:
After a diamond heist takes a fatal turn, a pair of thieves must entrust their fortune with an accomplice at a high-tech storage facility while they lay low. Hiding the goods within the labyrinth of storage units, the thieves’ inside man pays the ultimate price when he turns against them. Now, hellbent on recovering the missing stones, they seize the facility and kidnap surviving employee Maggie (Mena Suvari), threatening her family unless she helps them. Locked in with nowhere to run, Maggie’s only chance to escape alive is to fight back and stay one step ahead of her captors in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

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The movie also stars Manny Perez, Costas Mandylor, Bruno Bichir, and Jasper Polish.