Doug travelled across the country to provide SPFX makeup for the reenactments on the Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Challenge” featuring Zak Bagans (host of the top-rated show ‘Ghost Adventures’) as the host. The show features the 12 most haunted places across the nation and is produced by My Tupelo Entertainment and Beyond Our Reality. Sakmann also acted as assistant camera and production coordinator on the series.

Two teams. One night. One haunted location. One winner. For the ultimate in bragging rights. Each episode of Paranormal Challenge features a legendary haunted hotspot. Zak Bagans invites two handpicked teams of amateur ghost hunters to spend the night locked down in these notorious locations. The contest will pit the two teams paranormal skills against each other to find out who comes out on top. Each team is given high-tech gear to investigate these intense hotspots. After a night of collecting evidence, the teams present their findings to Zak Bagans and a panel of three judges who are nationally recognized paranormal experts. They will be judged on teamwork, their use of technology and the evidence collected during the lockdown.

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