Doug coordinated all the SPFX and stunts for this movie and Backseat Conceptions production managed and coordinated this feature film in the Bronx, NY. Writer and Director Larry Romano (The King of Queens) has worked for 15 years to bring his play to the big screen and with the help of Backseat along with Hit and Run Productions and Bronx Farm Films it has become a reality!

For 15 days, the Backseat team worked and lived on the streets of the Bronx, on night shoots from all night in some of the toughest and most dangerous areas (according to the NYPD who assisted on some of the bigger nights). Hit and Run Production’s Ari Taub (The Fallen, 79 Parts) worked as producer on this project, making sure everything stayed on track. The Backseat members have been working with Ari for over 15 years so it was a great reunion.


About ‘Saturday in the Park’

The first “character” you will meet in Saturday In The Park is the Bronx. The toughest of New York’s five boroughs. The crime ridden streets of the Bronx circa 1986 is perhaps more of an antagonist than protagonist in this story, however, it is the catalyst for many of the characters personalities, thoughts, morals and actions.

The principal characters are Mikey and Danny, lifelong friends who have grown up in the hard streets in a neighborhood just outside of Yankee Stadium. Danny is a drummer and is planning a trip to California. Danny has even sold his drums to raise money for the trip. Mikey, who plays guitar and is fronting a new band wants his lifelong friend to stay in the Bronx so that he might join the band.

In their interaction you can see the mean streets ebb and flow. They often discuss their bedroom triumphs and even “finesse” a friend out of his money and his watch. But the core of the conversation is about the future. Danny ponders if he can ever “make it” in New York City, and that is why he wants to try California. Mikey is staying, he is a “New York Guy.” We learn how close these two have become and how difficult the decisions they are making are.