Doug worked as co-production designer and SFPX supervisor for Sno Babies which included creating realistic pregnancy prosthetics for key moments in the film.

A gripping and emotive tale, Sno Babies depicts the grim realities of addiction and its effects on a middle-class suburban community. Kristen and Hannah are best friends­–smart, likable and college-bound– and also addicted to heroin. The pair of seemingly unlikely addicts spiral down a path of destruction, hiding their secret from well-meaning but busy parents behind pink bedrooms and school uniforms, propelling their tight-knit community from disbelief to disaster to, ultimately, hope.

Sno Babies is a story sadly reminiscent of others who have tragically lost their lives to addiction including Prince, Tom Petty, Mac Miller, Juice WRLD and others. The good news is that many others did reach out for help in time, and are now amongst the 22 million people living in long-term recovery in the U.S. today.

People can and do recover. To learn how to talk to a friend or loved one struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD) and understand more about how stigma prevents those struggling with a SUD from seeking help, visit:

Directed by Bridget Smith, Sno Babies is produced by Allen Kovac, Mike Walsh and Michael Lombardi, stars Katie Kelly (Game of Silence), Paola Andino (Queen of the South), Michael Lombardi (Rescue Me), Evangeline Young (The Good Wife) and Joanne Baron (This Is Us). The soundtrack (released in Sept. from on Better Noise Music) features music from Bad WolvesSixx:A.M.Cory MarksFrom Ashes to NewEva Under Fire and more.

From Producer Mike Walsh:

Sno Babies addresses the horror of teen addiction. Our mission is to use music and film to spread the word that there is real hope in recovery. SNO BABIES movie is out on demand 9/29, with Better Noise Films’ share of profits going to Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation.

With the country’s opioid epidemic spiking from COVID factors, and the entertainment industry continuing to lose its people to substance use disorders, Better Noise Entertainment has committed to fighting this problem by collaborating with the Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation (GRI) to raise funds that will strengthen the field of recovery and directly benefit struggling communities.