Check out Doug Sakmann’s Special Effects reel featuring some of his goriest work! Sakmann is now available for bookings by emailing

Check out Doug’s 2015 SPFX Reel on YOUTUBE (Age Restricted!)

Doug has been providing SPFX makeup and practical FX for productions of all sizes for the past 20 years. Whether he is personally creating and executing everything himself or coordinating an extensive team for bigger projects, Sakmann knows what it takes to make horrific things look great. Doug has created and coordinated FX for over 45 feature films, many music videos, shorts, TV shows as well other productions and live events.

Even if you already have FX artists working, Sakmann has the experience in FX coordination to keep your project on track and on budget. Whether it’s a bigger production with hundreds of individual FX, a mix of Special FX and Visual FX or multiple teams working on different sections of your project, Sakmann has the skills to make everything work together and run seamlessly.

Check out the playlist of some trailers featuring Doug’s work as well as portfolio photos below:

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