Doug associate produced this this hilarious 5 episode web series created by Henry Zebrowski (Last Podcast on The Left, Adult Swim’s ‘Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell’), Natalie Jean (Cross Bearer, The Cemetery, Punk Rock Holocaust 3) and Director Seena Ghaznavi. Doug worked in many roles including; Production Designer, Location Manager, SPFX Makeup, Production Coordinator and even actor! You can watch the whole series for free at the links below!

Welcome to Trollville — population one: Toby, a rotund 30-something basement dweller that lives with his mom. Toby loves to spew hate and havoc online, and much like real life trolls, he does it all for the lulz. For years he relished the digital accolades and virtual power — he bullied his way to network guild leader for the game, Goblins of Nefaria. He grins ear-to-ear when he stirs racial tensions online. He even gets a kick out of photo shopping pictures of his brother’s girlfriend to drive creeps to message her online. (Whatta mensch!) But through a confluence of events Toby realizes the negativity he disseminates across the internet also impacts his personal life. (You mean if you put shit in the world, you get shit back? Huh.) Over the course of our five episodes Toby changes, but does it make him a better person?

Here is a longer article about the project written by Trollville’s fearless director Seena Ghaznavi!