Doug production designed this series of digital shorts for local Philly production company Get-Kinetic and director Kevin Hackenberg. Doug has been working with Get Kinetic as a FX artist and production designer for many years so it is fitting that he designed Get-Kinetic’s ‘Trust’ campaign to show off their skills as a production company.

You can see the three separate segments below, these clips were released months apart from each other but produced to eventually be put together as one cohesive piece as you can see here:

From the Get-Kinetic website:
For our 2013-2014 marketing campaign, Get-Kinetic created a series of stylized videos to embody our slogan: “CREATE. ENGAGE. AMAZE.” Three very distinct “teasers” were released over the course of the year and thematically tied to one of specific word. At the end of the year, the final video was released and tied all the footage together with our message: