If you are shooting a project which requires a knife or weapon being used in any type of stunt capacity, you always want to have an actor safe FX version that will not harm them in anyway. Doug specializes in being able to duplicate (or create from scratch) whatever item you may need. These props can also be cast in any type of durable material (soft or rigid foam, urethane, plastic & more). This enables film crews to have multiple versions that are camera and actor safe but also look and feel the same as a real weapon on camera. There are FX versions that are retractable & incorporate spraying blood FX.  Also, if you need lightweight, rubber versions of any prop or item – Doug can handle it!

If you have a scene which requires many actors to have the same or similar weapons, Sakmann can also produce multiples at a very cost effective price. Or if you’re just looking for a FX knife or weapon to rent for a day shoot Doug has a full arsenal that can be made available, send an EMAIL TO DOUGSAKMANN@GMAIL.COM for custom quotes and more info.

Below are some samples of some of Doug’s custom knife work, including a 24″ folding saw blade and various knives including some with built in magnets for stabbing FX.