Doug once again was brought on board by director Tommy Denucci (Johnny & Clyde) as SPFX Supervisor and Lead Armorer for his latest feature ‘The Collective’, starring Lucas Till (MacGuyver), Ruby Rose, Mercedes Varnado, Paul Ben-Victor, Tyrese Gibson, and Don Johnson, In Theaters, On Demand and Digital August 4, 2023!

A group of righteous assassins called The Collective take aim at a highly sophisticated human trafficking ring backed by a network of untouchable billionaires. With their backs against the wall, The Collective has no choice but to put their most important mission in the hands of rookie assassin Sam Alexander, played by Till.

Sakmann worked with Necro FX to create some super gory FX as well as handle all the squibs, prop knives & guns.  Sakmann diligently worked to ensure the safety of everyone on set in all things gun and weapon-related, while also coordinating multiple plate glass windows to be smashed through by the incredible stunt team! Philly’s own Justyn Meyers came through as FX Carpenter and worked to custom-fit these windows, which you can see in the trailer here!