Doug produced this mind bending music video for Deadhorse Films and Epitaph Records directed by Jesse Cain and starring Shaun Paul Costello and Kleio Valentien. The video is one continuous four minute shot that takes place over the span of 2 city blocks and goes through an office building, a private house and the backseat of a car. And it was shot backwards. You have to watch it to understand. This is Doug’s 2nd Motion City Soundtrack music video with Deadhorse, he also produced “Disappear”.

From about ‘True Romance’:
“Y’all. We need to borrow your brains. We just watched Motion City Soundtrack’s “True Romance” video three times in a row — because we’re slow on the uptake sometimes. It’s kind of like “Inception,” a movie that took us about three viewings to even partially begin to comprehend, but with guitars and tattoos and less gravitas and ego and overacting. We don’t want to spoil the video’s twist — all we’ll say is that singer Justin Pierre’s mind is sharper than ours, as evidenced by the part in the video where he Jedi mind-tricks a bike.”