Doug once again returned to Tromaville to co-produce this take on Shakespeare’s final stage play ‘The Tempest’ alongside director Lloyd Kaufman & producers Justin Martell, John Brennan and Troma’s first lady Pat Kaufman! Sakmann also acted as VFX Coordinator and SPFX Supervisor which included creating over 500 gallons of fake whale excrement and a custom irrigation system in order to expel the massive amounts of liquid!  It is Troma’s most insane movie to date, which is saying a lot!

The movie will have it’s world premiere on August 29th 2020 at the Fantasia Film Festival and many screenings to follow, stay up to date at!

Here is what Dread Central has to say about the project:

Troma movie titles never leave much to the imagination, and such is again the case with the Toxic Avenger company’s latest effort, Shakespeare’s Shitstorm. Directed by company chief Lloyd Kaufman from a screenplay by Brandon Bassham, the gross-out farce stars Kaufman as The Tempest’s Prince Prospero in a modern take on the Bard’s 17th century play. Many Troma favorites appear in the cast, including Tromeo and Juliet’s Debbie Rochon. Troma has given Dread Central the exclusive first trailer to Shakespeare’s Shitstorm. Are you ready?

For more details on the film, we’ll let Kaufman and his team take it away:

Coming 25 years after the release of Tromeo and Juliet, Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma Team are going “back to the Bard” with the best interpretation so far of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Prospero, the brilliant and generous pharma scientist, had his life and career ruined by blind, greedy, perverted pharmaceutical execs, causing him and his very hot daughter Miranda to flee from NYC to Tromaville, New Jersey. When the evil execs and their elite guests take a celebratory luxury cruise to North Korea, Prospero uses his science, magic and a load of whale laxative to create the titular Shitstorm, wrecking the cruise ship and causing the execs to wash up in Tromaville.

“Prospero has planned a ‘brutal revenge’ with all the sex, mutations, musical numbers and violence that Shakespeare always wanted but never had,” says Kaufman. You can follow Kaufman’s “final” movie here #SHAKESPEARESSHITSTORM and dig more Troma insanity over here.